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Water mills Dunajský Klátov - reconstruction


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„Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway“.    „Co- financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic“.


The water mill in Dunájský Klátov, located on the banks of the so-called Klátovský branch of the Little Danube, on plot no. 255/4, register no. 4 in the cadastral territory of Dunajský Klátov, is an immovable national cultural monument, registered in the Central List of the Monument Fund.

Over 40 years after the end of its operation in the second half of the 1980s, the mill was purchased by the state and for long-term is used for the exhibition purposes of the Rye Island Museum in Dunajská Streda.


Inside the mill, besides the original technical equipment within the project, wooden atypical showcases were placed for the exposure of small exhibits and period papers. Outside the mill, in particular in the area of access communication, there are placed the presentation areas - an information system in the form of wooden information and educational boards. The reconstruction of the orientation and directional boards enabled individual visitors to get easy access from the road (road no. 507) to the water mill


In addition to promoting the water mill itself, the village of Dunajský Klátov seeks to link this cultural and technical monument to the promotion of the protected landscape area of the Klátovský branch, in whose area the water mill is located. The realization of the project created a comprehensive functional architectural unit with the possibility of visiting the mill and using the hiking routes of pedestrian zones for walking in the surrounding countryside. The village is a member of the association "Mikroregion of Klátovský Branch" and "MAS Water Paradise", in which they deal with the promotion of the region of Klátovský branch and the water mill. For tourism support, there are marked biking trails, including the processing of accompanying mobile applications.

Another propagation of this unique educational tourism opportunity takes place at regional level and at national level. At regional level it is a promotion in local periodicals, printed products. At national level, it is the promotion of the Klátovský Branch and the Water Mill in Dunajský Klátov, in particular through electronic media and printed media about the Slovak nature.


Some examples of promotion in the media during the last period (2016 - 2017):

-article on the reconstruction of the mill in Dunajský Klátov:


-articles in which is written about the mill project in Dunajský Klátov


In the regional Hungarian media:

In the regional printed publications, respectively. periodicals (in Hungarian):

- Csallóköz 2017/17 (regional weekly paper) - (reprint)

- Csallóköz and Mátyusföld kalendáriuma 2017 (Calendar 2017 published by KZ image, Vojany) -  (reprint)



With the completion of the project, on April 27, 2016, it was organized a final Conference on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the water mill and the evaluation of its renovation and reconstruction project. (see photo gallery)




Water mills -  Reconstruction

Water mills - Reconstruction