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Water mills Dunajský Klátov - reconstruction


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„Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway“.    „Co- financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic“.

  About the project

"Water mill Dunajský Klátov - Reconstruction" is a project supported by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the State Budget of the Slovak Republic as part of the program "Preserving and Revitalizing Cultural and Natural Heritage and Promoting Diversity in Culture and Arts within the European Cultural Heritage".

The intention of processing a project arose immediately after the announcement of a call for applications for the NFP included in the program. Since the last repairs and changes to the water mill and its surroundings were more than twenty years ago, the Dunajský Klátov municipality had already been intended on complex renovation and reconstruction of the water mill, which is declared a national cultural -technical monument, and in connection with the creation of a suitable tourist connection to the national nature reserve Klátov's branch, on the bank on which the mill is located.

The call for applications for the NFP was announced on 31.01.2014 and ended on 15.04.2014. The project documentation dated 28.03.2014, processed according to the comments of the Regional Monument Office in Trnava, was discussed and specified by ŠOP Dunajská Streda on 20.03.2014. After the approval of the intention by the General Board on 15.04.2014, the Application for NFP with the project "Water Mill Dunajský Klátov - Reconstruction" was submitted and registered at the Government Office in Bratislava, which is the managing authority of the program.

The project approval notice was delivered to the municipality of Dunajský Klátov on 10.02.2015 with the invitation to sign the NFP Contract, which was done on 24.02.2015 at the Nitra Castle.

The total authorized cost of the project is the amount of 280479 €.


Water mills - Reconstruction

Water mills - Reconstruction